We’ll be having a home day today after a busy weekend of a wedding & a couple of birthday parties, etc, etc. We have to be home to wait for the oven repair man anyway.
I love a good catch up day. Multiple loads of washing, which means lots of time outside with the kids. Playing in the sandpit, a bit of water painting, chalk drawing and letting the chooks out for a scratch around the backyard. I only let them out when we are out there or my vegie patch would disappear!
A jar of sequins was just dropped on the floor also, so it may well be taking us all day to pick those up!!

Check out ‘At my house’ on Lou’s blog & ‘Point & Shoot’ on Chantelle’s blog to see what other people have been up to.

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    Oh I love those days, I try to protect my Fridays with my life for stuff like this. PS. What a lovely blog, good luck with finding those hidden aspirations and talents. Look forward to reading about what you get up to : )

  2. says

    i love our chookies, but when they make a mess, they sure make a big one!<br />nice seeing you the other day emma, can you email me your email address.<br />thanks<br />♥

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