Growing up, whenever we had a beach holiday, Mum would get us to make a piece of art using shells and other bits and pieces we found along the beach. We used a disposable foil pie tin filled with plaster of paris, lightly placing our design on the top. These were then hung and displayed on the laundry wall until the next beach holiday came around.

This Good Friday we spent the day with my extended family “out the bush” just outside of Heathcote, Victoria. We had a good old fashioned Aussie BBQ on the metal plate above the fire we had made ourselves. We had egg and spoon races (with the eggs mentioned in the last post), three legged races, an easter egg hunt and a “nature walk”.

The “nature walk” was Mum’s idea. She gave each of the kids a bag and asked them to collect things that they liked around the bush. The kids quite enjoyed it, especially when two very dried kangaroo skulls were found! She then pulled out the foil pie tins and the plaster of paris and the kids made their own piece of nature art. No, the skulls are not in the artworks, but a few cicada shells are. Mum wrote their names and “Easter 2010″ on the back and an old tradition was passed down to the next generation.

If you are going to give this a try, just remember to add a small piece of looped wire to the pie tin before you pour in the plaster, to use as a handle if you want to display your lovely artworks on your ‘laundry’ wall!

addition – see here for a sneak peak at the 2011 nature plates!
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