I heard the author of this book, Juanita Phillips, being interviewed on ABC radio by Richard Stubbs yesterday and it sounded very interesting. She was trying to do it all and ended up having a very public breakdown while reading the news one night and made drastic changes to simplify her lifestyle.

I think I may just have to try and find a copy. Anyone read it?

The blurb reads…..

“When Juanita Phillips stumbled on an old pressure cooker in an op shop, it changed her life. As a frantically busy working mother, she was desperate for solutions to that modern dilemma: how to juggle kids, career, housework and marriage. The pressure cooker helped her solve one of the biggest problems – preparing daily healthy meals – but that was just the beginning. She and her husband decided to transform their chaotic life in other ways too, and where it led them was surprising. This candid confession of a failed supermum offers practical tips for anyone searching for a calmer, simpler, healthier life.

For a huge exerpt of the pages of this book, you can click on the image of the book on the right hand side of this blog.

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  1. says

    Wow, aren't we all searching for more calm, simple and happier lives. I'd love to read this book, thanks for highlighting it, I'm off to find a copy.

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