Cydonia Oblonga is the botanical name for the quince. A rare but, in my opinion, very interesting fruit. Since ancient times the quince has been a symbol of love and fertility. We are lucky enough to have a quince tree hanging over our fence from the neighbours yard. Our lovely portuguese neighbours have said that we are welcome to any that grow on our side of the fence. Last year they knocked on the door with a small bowl of freshly stewed dark red quince. Later, when I had my first taste, along with some natural yoghurt, I was in love.

Last year, my friend Kate showed me how to make quince honey. Delicious. I don’t think there’ll be time this year for me to make some more, but luckily Kate scored a bag full from her grandma and made a fresh batch which she kindly shared with us. Thanks Kate! When she starts her own blog (hint, hint) maybe she’ll share the recipe with you……

I would welcome any other quince recipes if you know of any?

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    Oooh, I love quince. Halve them (leave the skins which are edible cooked and the cores are easier to remove after cooking) and stick in a baking dish with 1cm water and lots of honey. Add a cinnamon stick or two and bake in the oven for an hour and a half-ish. Easy and divine with icecream or for breakfast or in a crumble.

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