Inspired by this post on Wild Things of Noosa, I thought I would share my favourite tip for getting kids to eat their food – it is certainly not a new concept (nor is it foolproof) but I need to be reminded regularly to give it a go.
It’s all about presentation.

Yesterday the vegemite sandwiches in the shapes of flowers were woofed down and it’s much more fun eating an eye or tree, instead of a piece of carrot or broccoli.
*As I can’t go past a good party tip – why not try healthy sandwiches cut in shapes, using cookie cutters, that match your party theme.
I have put this plate away for my kids for Christmas… the possibilities are endless!
Of course we don’t play with our food every day, because quite frankly, who has the time?!

Some more fun & healthy food ideas here.
Addition: Check out funkylunch where they take this idea to a whole new level! (thanks chic mother&baby for showing me)
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