My lovely husband is having a birthday today. His favourite present of all was this snail set given to him by my mother. It was purchased by her in France about 40 years ago and she has kept the shells, dishes and forks for all that time. She apparently used it for many a dinner party. She actually did a ‘Cordon Bleu’ cooking course sometime in the 70′s – very ‘Julie & Julia‘. She even found a tin of snails (top right of the photo) at the Vic market to add to the present! She was sorting through her things recently and knew exactly who to save it for. She was so excited to give it to him and he is absolutely thrilled It looks like I will most likely have to participate in a few French dinners myself. I am a very firm believer of giving everything a try …… once.

I’m sure these adorable paintings came in a close second to the snails. We started a tradition when our eldest child was just over one, of painting a canvas for the wall every year for Daddy’s birthday. There are too many now, so they are replaced each year by the new ones. Do you have any present traditions at your house?

1. picture of daddy
2. who knows, but she was very very proud!
3. picture of our family
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