In an effort to encourage grotty and reluctant children into the bath, I have recently employed a new trick. The idea was given to me by a friend (thanks Peta!) to put food dye in the bath. I was a little nervous putting in the first drops, thinking the color would leave a residue, but was pleasantly surprised. We have now had, pink, green, blue and purple baths. It has worked a treat. As you can see in the photo below, we have gone so far as to only have matching toys in the bath. As well as pleasing my 2 year old who just loves things to match, I must admit I quite like the artistic element to bath time. When this stops working….any tips?

It reminds me of a little toilet training trick someone once suggested of putting blue dye in the toilet water and asking the child to make it turn green! Wonder if it works…..

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    What a great idea! I&#39;m glad someone else tried it first, because I would have been worried about oddly coloured children, LOL.<br /><br />Something which my kids love is home made bath bombs. They make them with me, decide which moulds to use to get shaped &quot;bombs&quot; and then enjoy the fizzing and essential oils in their bath.

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    that sounds like fun! we normally do bubblebath but my two have always loved baths so there isn&#39;t really a problem.<br />I like Deb&#39;s idea too about the bath bombs.<br />♥

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    We talk up the idea of having a shower rather than a bath if Master 2 is giving us the &#39;noooooo baaaarth&#39; routine.<br /><br />Works everytime ;)

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