At my house yesterday we had my Mum and sisters and their families over for a BBQ dinner to celebrate Mothers Day. My 6 year old decided to put on a special mothers day performance. She sat at her desk for a very long time practising and penning the following words (exclamation marks are her own)…
“Mothers, Mothers, Mothers, oh Mothers!
Sometimes they shout and sometimes they don’t!
I love cuddles and luddlles and stuff!
They teach us cool stuff!
They give us a smile, they give us a frown!
They give us cool presents on our birthday!
So give three cheers for mothers!
Hip, hip hooray!
We love our Mummys!
So sweet and so sound!
So good day and good bye to all our good friends!”
(bow, bow)

by Goose, 9th May 2010.

Photo of the performance.
She set up the stage using flowers from our garden and cut out the mothers day banner from here.
I was so proud.

What is happening at your house today?
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Look at that, one post can fit into so many different games… I hope that is not against the rules…

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  1. says

    That is really special &amp; I love the photo – as a scrapbooker my brain went into over time on the pages I could do!!! Aren&#39;t children priceless!!!<br /><br />My Max spends the weekends at this dads BUT I did get a phone call (whilst he was doing a computer game I might add!!!) telling me he loved me &amp; wishing me a Happy Day – gotta be thankful for the small stuff!!!

  2. says

    so wonderful! what a clever, creative girl your Lucy is:) the effort she made on Sunday reflects the efforts she sees you make for others …

  3. says

    Oh yes this definitely has to count as &quot;Proud&quot;. What a talented little girl and such a lovely name…btw that&#39;s my name too!

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