Using up more of the lemons in a yummy lemon slice. (Are you sick of my lemon recipes yet?) The lemon slice is being made for the girls who are coming over to my house tonight. On the first Monday night of every month I hold a craft night in our large shed out the back. This is something I just had to start, about a year ago, to force myself to make time to get the creative juices flowing, otherwise it just wasn’t going to happen! People just bring whatever they are working on and we just sit and chat while we create over a coffee and a sweet treat or two.

I am quite looking forward to this evening as I have a few little projects I am working on that I am keen to move along with. Maybe I’ll actually have something to show you tomorrow.


1 cup coconut
125g butter,melted
1/2 cup condensed milk
1 tspn grated lemon rind
250g pkt of marie biscuits

1 & 1/2 cups pure icing sugar
juice of one lemon

1. Put condensed milk & butter in saucepan.
2. Stir over gentle heat until butter is melted & mixture combined.
3. Crush biscuits finely, add lemon rind & coconut & mix well.
4. Add warm milk & butter mixture to biscuit crumbs.
5. Mix ingredients together with hands.
6. Press into greased tin (or plastic container) (28cm x 18cm)
7. Refrigerate for one hour.
8. Ice with lemon icing & sprinkle with coconut.
9. When icing is set, cut into squares.

My husband has his mates over for poker on the first Friday of every month. BYO drinks and & money for pizza. We both felt that since having our third child,only 15 months after the second child, that we were finding it harder and harder to socialise and to pursue our interests, so we both decided that the only way it would happen would be to roster it in & make it a regular thing. We are both so glad that we did.

Addition: Reality check – the kids helped with the cooking, as they usually do, and as that takes a little extra alertness (which I don’t often have in my constant sleep deprived state), I ended up burning the condensed milk and accidentally put in the whole tin of condensed milk instead of half. So, of course, I just doubled the rest of the recipe and the icing will just have to cover up those small caramelised dark brown flecks….. The above photo was a one year old desperate to get into the packet of marie biscuits so that she could eat one!
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  1. says

    yum – i absolutely loooooveeee lemon slice and lemons in general! Great recipe and the blemishes will add an interesting component to keep your guests guessing what the secret addition is!!

  2. says

    oh, the desperation on her face! Hmm, few things better than something made with lemon and butter. hey, your blog is looking nice :)

  3. says

    Sounds yummy! And a whole tin of condensed milk…heaven! I hope you left a little in the tin to eat with a spoon. Your rostered evenings sound like a great idea…maybe I should start a craft night :)

  4. says

    Ur craft nights sounds great. What a cool idea!<br /><br />And the picture of ur little girl is so funny and cute!:D<br />That urgency in her face to get to those biscuits is kinda hilarious.

  5. says

    Hey anything with lemons in it is delish!!!!<br /><br /><br />Love your idea re scheduling in &quot;nights&quot; I attend a writing get together every Thursday night &amp; it is sacred!! My husband has Mondays as his night to comandeer the back room for X-Box &amp; it becomes his zone only!!! &amp; we both feel a little bit more human!

  6. says

    I just have to say Emma, this recipe is the BEST!
    It takes me back to being a kind again, I remember eating it growing up.
    I’ve started making it again recently (thanks to this post), and we all adore it.
    Everyone who has some wants the recipe. So if you get lots of hits from HK, thats my friends :)
    Cat xox

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