Getting ready for this small market on Sunday. A group of friends. Each with small card tables full of winter goodness.

We have made these, these & these, along with jars of homemade muesli. We’ve been saving our eggs and tomorrow we’ll collect lemons & bunches of herbs from the garden. I have also been working on some cute little dress-up doll magnets and they’ll be for sale too!

As I really don’t have any regular time away from my kids – a husband who works crazy hours & no regular child care – I decided that the only way that I could do this (in reality the only way I can do anything!) is to involve them, so I chose things that were very easy in that regard. It has had to become a bit of parenting philosophy – very frustrating at times & things can take a little longer, but hopefully good for them in the end, particularly as their Mum still gets to feel like she gets to do at least some of the creative things that she likes to do. I know that many of you are Mum’s who like to express a bit of creativeness – how do you do it? involve your kids? wait till they are asleep/at school/at Grandma’s?

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    i hear you Emma! I'm definitely an "involve the kids" or miss out parent as well. I can prepare, cut and work out designs for my projects whilst they are awake and I give them scraps or off -cuts to play with – they love it! Then when they are asleep I can get straight into sewing or the bits that are not kid friendly! With no family around this is how I have adapted my

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    What a fab way to spend a Sunday arvo….you & some friends getting all creative – hope its a great day – well done you & by the way your kids are going to have wonderful memories when they grow up of a mum who did lots of stuff with them! That is priceless..nothing beats that!!!

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    Hi Emma, Sounds like you will have a fun day. When my twins where born and I had a 2 year old as well, my creative pursuits got put on hold for a while. I then involved them when I could and did the rest when they were asleep. Now they're all at school and I thought I'd have so much time for creating, but as it turns out, everything else still needs to be done! It's certainly a

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