Every fortnight on a Thursday some lovely women from our church run a group called MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) where the kids get looked after in creche and the Mums get to have a coffee, listen to someone talk on a different topic each week, then do a little crafty activity. It’s a lovely supportive group of Mum’s and the topics are always relevant.

Today’s topic was post natal depression. I don’t think anyone in the group had not been affected in some way, whether themselves or someone close to them. Some great discussion and emotional sharing was had and it just made me realise, again, that this topic is just not talked about enough! It can be a little shameful and maybe just too hard to talk about, but it affects as many as 1 in 7 women! Those are pretty big statistics.

PANDA – Post & Ante Natal Depression Association - has some great resources, along with a 24 hour helpline. I’ve just had a little look through and there is some great info for those who think they may be suffering from PND as well as info for those who suspect someone they know is showing signs.

Apparently it is also very common for men to have PND. It makes sense.

The best thing that we can do is to just listen, as motherhood (or fatherhood) is so different for everyone and quite frankly, it is the most difficult/draining/challenging thing that I have ever done! I sometimes wonder whether there have been times in my experience as a mother that have gone undiagnosed as PND….
PANDA website.

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    What a great group you&#39;re part of. I think we all have our ups and downs in the world of parenthood so it&#39;s so easy to identify with those who are depressed. I sure as hell know when I was at my absolute lowest with 20 wake-ups a night from my Bebito, I found life really, really, really hard. Great advice you&#39;ve received and passed on too. <br /><br />xo

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    spot on Emma! As a counsellor I see this all too often… So many mums are ashamed to admit that sometimes its really hard and they struggle with putting on a brave face. we need to stand united with our sisterhood and support one another! Well done on bringing it out for discussion!

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    Good on you for bringing this out in blog land! Hopefully a little ripple will spread and encourage people to &quot;talk&quot; about this topic and not keep it behind closed doors. :)

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    Oh yeah. I&#39;m a PND sufferer myself. I&#39;ve been thinking recently about doing a post or two on it. It&#39;s been a very humbling thing for me, a real blow to the pride! Which isn&#39;t ultimately a bad thing. Speaking about PND and destigmatising is so important.

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    Yes this is a hugely UNDER DISCUSSED topic!!! I think I even have it at times with an 8yo in tow!!!! Can it go on that long!!??!<br />My sister belongs to a simlar group in Esperance, WA called MEGS (Mothers Encouragement Group) &amp; its been an absolute lifeline to lots of mums there I am sure!!! Good on your group for putting this very important subject out there &amp; to you for letting us

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