Thought I would let you know about a fantastic website for kids craft ideas….

Kids Craft Weekly has long been a ‘go-to’ for me whenever I need some inspiration for doing something crafty with the kids. Kids Craft Weekly sends a regular newsletter (not weekly……) with craft ideas following a particular theme and is especially good for younger kids.

They also organise a great christmas card swap at the end of the year and your child can receive handmade cards from all over the world.

To be completely honest, I did a lot more of these things with my oldest child (when I only had one child) as we were moving around every 6 months with my husbands work and didn’t bring many toys with us, I was constantly looking for ways to entertain my then 2-4 year old. Every now and then I feel guilty and will do something crafty with my younger 2, but it seems so much more of an effort with a 1 and 2 year old…..who are both into throwing things everywhere and creating mess wherever they go! I must admit I have left that for playgroup and some of the other weekly activities that we do out and about, because quite frankly I can’t even keep up with the usual housework without adding handfuls of pasta on the floor, glue on the table and paint in the hair.

These are some recent snapshots of when we have just gone ahead done it anyway……. because doing crafty stuff was probably one of my favourite things as a child and I do want my kids to experience that too. I do want to be one of those Mum’s who doesn’t mind a bit of mess in the name of kids having fun…… I do……. This blogging thing is actually inspiring me to do so much more of it. Thank you to all of you who blog about the great crafty stuff you do with your kids.

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    Thanks for letting us know. I had a minor breakdown the other day when my 4YO and 2YO went feral. It was entirely my fault since I did very little to keep them occupied. I was completely out of ideas. This is a great resource. Meagan at EcoMILF also directed me to

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    Thanks for the inspiration &amp; the link to Kids Craft Weekly …. looks brilliant &amp; super useful! I will share with my Mum&#39;s group. <br /><br />I find there&#39;s quite a hurdle for me re: mess factor with even one child .. so I think I just need to get started!<br /><br />By the way, just been browsing the Kids Craft site/newsletters/leaves and am really interested in Amber&#39;s

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    yes, I think mums fit into two categories the playdough mums and the I dont do playdough mums. <br />I dont mind the mess but I do struggle with paint!

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