It is the perfect time of year to go on nature walks in Australia. Collecting whatever bits and pieces of nature you find along the way.

But, what do you do with the collection once you’ve got it all home?

We sometimes try sticking it to paper for some creative art pieces or to plaster of paris like this.

We have a bit of a beachside nature collection thing going on our bathroom shelf.

This photo is of my daughter exploring her Granny’s ‘Nature Box’ which has developed over my life time. It even includes a dried frill-necked lizard and a sheep skull!

Yesterday we started our own ‘nature box’ containing a few insect wings and some seed pods. Although it doesn’t hold anything quite as creative as Granny’s ‘nature box’, we will certainly be on the lookout!

Soulemama & Sarah have nature tables.
Lou uses it for artwork. Granny writes letters on it.

How do you bring a bit of nature in to your house?

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  1. says

    Granny's nature box is amazing I love the lizard. I was the freaky type of teenage girl who liked to hang out on farms in the holidays throwing fire balls with farmers sons. I had a neat collection including horns I had clipped bits of cow ear from tagging and a sheep skull but I can't figure our where I put it all :-(

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