I often find myself wondering what on earth to do with the multitude of art pieces that my children make. It is always a tricky one, as there is such a fine line between offending them by not displaying it and being drowned by too much art! To be honest, most of the time I pop it in the bin that night (making sure to hide it carefully under the other rubbish so it isn’t discovered the next day) or let it mull around on the bench for a while until a suitable time has passed and I save the special ones for the fridge which rotate on a regular basis.

When they start kinder it seems to take on a whole new level with painting after painting coming home. Although I must admit now that I do not have a kinder kid I am missing having hand painted wrapping paper on hand whenever required. My number 2 child will be off to 3 year old kinder next year, so I guess I don’t have too long to wait. Although I did hear once of a friend whose child was mortally offended when his masterpiece was used for the disrespectable purpose of wrapping a mere present! I certainly hope mine never do that as it is my favorite form of wrapping.

If you are looking for ideas on what to do with ALL of those masterpieces, then head on over to Buttons by Lou Lou who is having a four day blogfest posting on this exact topic. There are so many wonderful ideas I think we are going to have to implement some more efficient methods before this house is over run!

I paid $10 for this baby at a kinder fundraiser a few years ago so of course it takes pride of place in our wall. Great idea for a fundraiser as you are completely obliged to buy your child’s art which was displayed gallery style. The theme of the fundraiser was “water” and the pictures were all done using a black felt pen and then painted in water colors.

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    Oh yes that dreaded pile of masterpieces….which I collect, then try &amp; quietly recycle (as in our recycle bin!!!) only to hear the wail &quot;mummy my picture was in the bin&quot; Now why does my child INSIST on checking out our recycles bin at the most inopportune times!!!<br /><br />Love the idea of using it as wrapping paper!!!

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    it sounds bad, but I bin it too. Each child has a folder with plastic envelopes in and I pop in the better works after they have been suitably displayed.

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