For those who live around the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne, my funky artist sister and her funky artist husband are having a garage sale this Saturday. Vintage wares, art supplies, fabrics…..it says it all in the flyer…. plus our eggs, herbs & lemons may well be featuring again!

They are leaving us for the lure of the country life. I am a teeny bit jealous as I have quite a strong desire for a rural life. My sisters and I all grew up in a small country town. Daughters of the local vet. It’s in my blood. We have spent quite a bit of time moving around over the last few years with the hubby’s work including a few stints in Bendigo, Hamilton, Orange and Alice Springs. All great places – I love the more laid back feel (couldn’t get more laid back than Alice!), friendly & welcoming people, great parking, large blocks, open spaces, the list goes on. You can even find quite a bit of “culture” as well if you look hard enough. My dream is of a big back yard with a large tree and a tyre swing. One day…..

In the meantime we’ll be enjoying spending some weekends in Kyneton when my sister and hubby move there this month.

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    i love kyneton, the george hotel on piper street is fab, we too hope to one day end up in the country with some chooks for company and lots of vege beds and fruit trees, good luck to your sis and with your tyre swing dream :)

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    I understand the lure. It's a mere matter of time for us too. In the meanwhile, that's one heck of an enticing ad for a garage sale!

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