Finding creativity in the every day things is, most of the time, where I have to put my creative energy these days. I feel like I’m struggling just to get the basics done at the moment, so I thought I’d share with you another “creative” sanity saver I sometimes pull out to get dinner prepared without toooooo many interruptions.

I always keep a few packets of puff pastry sheets in my freezer, so when I need them in the meal, or even when I don’t, I give a sheet to each of the kids and get out the box of cookie cutters. They go crazy cutting out shapes and then they pop them on a greased baking tray.

Sometimes we add a few currents, this time it was a dollop of strawberry jam. It becomes dessert. Might not look too appetising, but they made it, so they love it!

(As a side, there was a pizza restaurant that we frequented when we lived in Bendigo that handed out balls of pizza dough to the kids and then cooked the creations for them – great idea.)

Gives me time to make my own pastry creations…
A quick easy meal to make with leftover mince or bolognaise sauce.

I am always looking for quick, easy, non fiddly weeknight meals that can be made in a flash.
I’m not talking fish fingers and hot dogs here, but meals that can regularly come out on the dinner table.
If you have some, or you’ve blogged about some, or have a favourite website to go to for said meals, let me know!

I’m thinking of making a regular weekly post with quick and easy, kid friendly meals.

P.S. On a Thursday, after all the cooking is done and the kids are in bed, I like to sit down and relax and pop on over to Kirsty’s place.

P.P.S. Lou is currently blogging about healthy snack ideas for kids with HEAPS of fantastic tips – she should know, as she is a dietitian in her other life!

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    I know where you&#39;re coming from! My all time favourite 5 minute meal is my cous-cous. The kids love it and I add smoked chicken/tuna/cooked vegies/salad vegies/fetta/olives pretty much whatever I have available! This recipe is for a one kilo packet, which I then keep in the cupboard and use over a couple of months.<br />Screamstress&#39; Couscous Emergency Mix <br />Add the following to one

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    I love pastry! As kids we used t get the left over strips of pastry brush them with jam and roll them into pinwheels and bake them with the cut side up. So I know that those little creations will be tasty. Everything is better wrapped in pastry!

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    ooh lovely lovely! I don&#39;t bake much with pastries..but i&#39;ve been meaning to try my hands with pastry making! So I&#39;m going to try your leftover mince/pastries hehe! xoxo

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    What a brilliant idea! I&#39;ll have to remember that for when Bijou gets a bit older…felt pens and paper in her high chair seem to do the trick at the moment. LOve the sound of a weekly recipe idea. Wishing you a happy Friday :)

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    Definitely interested. I often blog good recipes that meet the same criteria as you set. I blogged pumpkin gnocchi today and now reading your post, realise the dough would lend itself to this &#39;helping&#39; sanity saving concept. The little cuggle and I do this with bickie dough, why not gnocchi dough!

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    ohh, we definitely need to get creative with the little ones!<br />I&#39;m not big on cooking, luckily the other half does it but we do have a fussy eater.<br />so would love to see your vego options.<br />Little cooties posted a version of the vegetarian roll recipe you gave me after she tried them at my place.<br />thanks again for that<br />♥

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    an idea I got from a friend… who&#39;d encountered through another friend… was to line greased muffin tins with a slice of bread kind of squished in (pretending to be pastry but the doesn&#39;t even need to be defrosted kind and is possibly healthier) then crack an egg in, +/- top with bacon etc, bake in oven till they are as well done as your kids like. I think I&#39;ve then thrown in peas

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    I&#39;ll be lapping these types of posts up Emma, although probably not able to contribute much given one particularly fussy little family member and no real victories in that department! I&#39;m definitely trying harder to get him involved in meal prep though so this is an excellent tip with the pastry-cutting. I&#39;m planning to start making bread so that we can bake things other than sweets

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