MY CREATIVE SPACE {with wings}

My creative space this week is once again child focused.
Although I did manage to attend 3 craft nights over the last fortnight. I think I am becoming a bit of a craft night junky – reclaiming my perceived loss of creative expression.

We made these cute little fairy wings at playgroup last week and the younger two have been wearing theirs constantly.

When Goose got home from school, she did not want to miss out and had to have her own set of fairy wings. Of course, hers had to be 6 year old size and half way through I was regretting my flippant “Sure, I’ll make yours bigger”, but about an hour of decorating later and she was very proud of her efforts.

Maybe not my choice of decorations, but I am a believer in just letting creative juices flow…..

If you’d like to give these Fairy wings a go, then head on over to Kids Craft Weekly for all of the instructions. Really quite easy.

To see some classier creative spaces and for lots of inspiration of the creative kind why not visit Kirsty at Kootoyoo.

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  1. says

    Those wings are great! Thanks so much for the link. I'm sure my little fairy would love a set or two. Hope all is wonderful in your world :)

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