I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of my friends and family, particularly my Mum & sisters and the girls from my church and playgroup, who all stepped up to the plate in overwhelmingly generous fashion when I needed you. I have been a bit silly and tried to be a bit of a super-mum doing it all on my own. We really are designed to live in community and I’ve had to learn that there is nothing wrong with accepting a bit of help – thank you! In the words of Gina – I am a recovering perfectionist, enjoying being just good enough.

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    I'm with you 100%! I strongly believe that the isolation of mothers at home with children is artificial and difficult. Children, mothers, family and community is what its all about. I too am a recovering perfectionist, and I'm loving the community support that I've found through blogging. Have a calm day!

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    I came here via Gina's post and I must say I also have problems accepting help. I totally love to give it but forget that the privilege of helping me must also be extended to others. Finding that happy balance in life can often be so difficult. Do you read the Proverbs. They can give a wonderful incite in God's justice and balance. Cherrie

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    I can totally relate to that, and it&#39;s a philosophy I have tried (and am trying) to adopt. Sorry I&#39;m not around to help, but I&#39;d be pleased to be asked when I am back again…<br />Take care.<br />PS Your littlest is SO like you as a baby, I can&#39;t get over it!

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    I too love that quote and expect perfection from no one but myself so am resolved to give myself a break! Great post. xo

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