Recently, after making some icing and giving the wooden spoon to my little boy to lick, he lay his spoon on the bench and said, “here Mum, take a photo of this for your blog”….. My photo taking has kicked up a notch since starting this blog and I am taking photos of things, like our dinner, that I would not have taken before …… could it be that I have gone too far?

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    No no never too many photos! I've found I'm looking for beauty in everyday things, from a different perspective. Several times I have picked up my camera and found mystery shots (some quite good) that the spawn have taken by themselves! P.S. Nice wood bench :)

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    Bwahahahahaha – that sooo happens here too. as soon as Miss 2 makes something or eats something or wears something she says "photo mumma". You wait for it, in 20 years time there will be a influx in therapy for "blogged-out kids" LOL

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    Oh that is just a classic!! You can&#39;t get anything past children. i think what i love about all this blogging, is that you are taking photos of the simple things – they are not way out there wacky or totally weird, it;s just everyday fun stuff that you want to share. My photo taking has increased and my photo downloading (which is a good good thing)!!! <br />So basically my point is …..

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    Did you see my Creative Space this week, school assignments, see, we all do it!! My 3rd daughter came home from school &amp; asked how many comments did her cyclone get??!! Love Posie

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    I&#39;m hearing you – I get the 7 year old wanting to take pics for my blog :)<br />I too have never taken so many pictures and learnt so much about my camera – so I figure it&#39;s OK because I am learning something!

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