We have a little visitor for the week.

He is on loan while his family is away.

When any food gets dropped on the floor
(quite a lot under our kitchen table!)
it just disappears!

One child,
who will not be named,
emptied & scattered the entire remains of the makings of lunch onto the kitchen floor yesterday
and a few minutes later –
voila… it was all gone!

I think I would like him to come more often!
Perhaps once a week??!!

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  1. says

    Handy! Our permanent pet (who shall not be named) wee'd in the house the other night for the first time since she was a tiny puppy. She's like the opposite of a vacuum cleaner. : ) Kim

  2. says

    oh he is just sooooo fluffy…we have an old 15yo vacuum cleaner (on 4 legs)at our house that does an exceptional job of picking up "food bits" under our table daily!!!! My child seems to eat those vegies awfully quick some times!!!!!

  3. says

    Your little “vacuum cleaner” is soooo cute! I hope that it’s still there with you. ;) Well, my son’s dog is also like that. He loves picking up anything that he sees on the floor and puts it somewhere we don’t know and everyone in the house has to search every nook and cranny for it afterwards. It’s funny, but it gets quite annoying sometimes. Haha!<br /><br /><a href="http://www.jbwtech.com.au/

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