Not much time to write a post today, but I always like to play along with Lou’s ‘At my house on a Monday, so I thought I’d leave you with some pictures of my house, well, my garden. My favourite part of this house would have to be the fruit trees! These are the ones that I see as I pull into the driveway each day. My citrus trees. Mandarines, oranges & lemons. There is also a small lime tree around the back. The oranges & (tiny) mandarines are just starting to be edible now, which is just perfect as our fruit bowl seems to empty itself far quicker than I can keep up with these days! Should probably juice some for the eldest who is home from school sick today.
Last Christmas (as they are still ripe then) I had visions of dried or candied oranges dipped in dark chocolate as gifts for people, maybe I’ll get around to it this year…. My husband did have a go at making marmalade last year…. didn’t quite work out as planned, but worth another crack at it this year I’d say …

Any orange recipes, or of course lemon recipes, would be very very welcome if you have any!

Come back tomorrow for my weekly easy peasy dinner winners & you might just see oranges feature in one of the meals.

To see what is going on at other houses, head on over to Lou’s house!

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    Hi there – i will have to search for my easy microwave lemon butter recipe for you! Also, happy to have my mince porcipines as a guest recipe too. Cheers, Sonia

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    I love winter fruit – the citrus, the apples. We have a glut of oranges too, I tried an orange couscous cake to try and use some up, but it was pretty blah so sorry I can't share it! I might try an orange and date savoury couscous, which may (or may not!) turn out better. Good luck with yours!

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    I am very jealous of your fruit trees that seem to have so much fruit. I actually thought you had a cumquat tree rather than mandarine because they were so small – maybe I haven&#39;t looked at it recently though. Once we work out where the shed in our backyard is going to go then I will be planting some more citrus as well. They are so useful. <br /><br />Thanks for joining in again this week (

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    Oh citrus is my favourite and I am a little sick so would love some freshly squeezed OJ! I am in fruit tree envy…and when feeling a little more motivated will email you some of my fav lemon recipes (as you know I eat lemons like apples – well not quite, but i am known to slice them and eat them skin and all – yum yum yum!)

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