I am breaking the rules and entering not one but TWO times in Lou’s At my House! Mainly because my husband is home today so I have more time to indulge – a rarity in itself – and because she broke the rules on my blog ;-).

Doing a little baking for my monthly craft night on tonight. I never really actually have time for baking, but I make time for it because I enjoy it – it is an expression of creativity that I can do with kids (albeit a little slower) and gives me a sense of satisfaction quite different to that of having a clean house (the other option for the use of my time today). The washing remains unfolded, etc, etc. but I think it’s become important as I try and bring myself back.

Something else that gives me a huge sense of satisfaction
(and I need those moments to save my sanity amongst the mundane, repetitive tasks of motherhood)
is my vege garden (another kid friendly pastime) and nothing makes me more proud at the moment than baking using ingredients I have grown in my very own garden! In this case eggs, lemons and rhubarb.

A very, very delicious recipe, that I was given by my wonderful foodie friend Kate, containing sour cream, lemon rind and salt….. intrigued?


60g butter
380g dark brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tspn vanilla extract
300g plain flour
250ml sour cream
1 tspn bicarb soda
1 tspn salt
1 tspn cinnamon
500g rhubarb (sliced into 2cm pieces)
grated lemon rind

topping :
80g dark brown sugar
1 tspn cinnamon

1. beat butter with brown sugar
2. add eggs & vanilla.
3. stir in sifted flour, bicarb soda, salt & cinnamon.
4. add rhubarb, lemon rind & sour cream.
5. stir with wooden spoon.
6. grease & line a round 22cm cake tin.
7. pour in mixture & sprinkle with topping.
8. Bake in preheated oven (180c) for 1 – 1&1/4 hours.

I have just found out that a lovely friend has started a new blog! Apart from the fact that she has written some very touching things about me, her blog is just gorgeous!! Fun, honest, down to earth, beautifully written and thought provoking. I am very much looking forward to being inspired by it on a regular basis and I think you will too, why not head on over to Loose Change

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  1. says

    You speak my language on so many levels. I'm really enjoying your posts Emma. And now you have provided me a with a recipe for rhubarb cake… thank you!! (If only I too could source the ingredients from my own backyard!). I'm totally going to gather the ingredients (from our local shops) and make this with the kids tomorrow. Stuff the cleaning!

  2. says

    Oh yum, am definitely printing this recipe off for future baking afternoons (with the kiddies involved of course!) – we seem to have very similar tastes! ;-)))

  3. says

    My kids also love to help out with the cooking and the two year old often gets upset if she is not allowed to help, when dinner needs to be ready quickly.

  4. says

    cake looks yummo! (so much more fun when kids help out hey- apart from the extra mess of course)<br /><br />well done on your veggie garden- you&#39;ve inspired me to do a bit of work on ours… it&#39;s all overgrown from summer- is it winter already?!

  5. says

    You&#39;re an inspiration! Haven&#39;t been blogging or commenting much lately but am still here in the background and always interested in your thoughts, projects, and motherhood stories. One day I&#39;ll be plucking fresh vegies from my own back yard too. : )

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