I have returned today from a lovely 5 days down by the sea. Freeeeeezing and wet and the kids went crazy indoors, but we still managed a bit of time on the sand. Lots of well needed family time (I don’t think I’ve ever been so desperate for time away in my life) as well as some lovely catch ups with some well loved friends.

Holidays change quite a bit when you have kids. They don’t quite hold the same romance. Kids are still as demanding as always and I still did 2 loads of washing while I was there, but I shouldn’t really complain, as it is all relative. Not healthy to compare to pre-kid holidays, it’s better comparing to everyday life as it is now and in comparison, it was a lovely and refreshing break! There is another person there to share the load (he did ALL the cooking) and the odd sleep-in and I even managed to read more of the book that I have been reading for agesThe Divided Heart: Art & Motherhood. I am finding it so profound and empowering yet full of reality and honesty and I come away feeling understood and connected.

Obviously while I was away my blog carried on without me unbeknownst to me! Thanks Lou for the welcome sabotage ;-) In return, here are some photos of Lou’s little boy almost being eaten by a Hippo and a cheater that I took on my camera at the Werribee Zoo…

Now I’m off to see what you have all been up to while I’ve been away…

P.S. Thank you so much to the housecleaning fairy that visited my house while we were away. I am eternally grateful and humbled and blown away by your generosity of time and elbow grease.
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    welcome back!<br />sounds like a much needed break for you all, hope it was a fun getaway.<br />i wish i had one of those housecleaning fairies..are they online somewhere :)<br />happy week Emma ♥

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    We still get surprised and disappointed that our &quot;holidays&quot; aren&#39;t what they used to be. We had a week at Philip Island last week and came back far more exhausted than before we left! Fun was had and memories created though, so all worth it.<br /><br />PS I have started writing on my own blog, thanks to you!

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