Because I had to add some words….

Warning – Never leave bathwater unnattended, especially not when it is blue bath water. He apparently couldn’t wait for me to help him take his clothes off. “Give it a try yourself, you know how to do it, I’ll be there in a minute!” I yelled from the kitchen as I quickly cleaned the spill off the floor produced by his younger sister at the same time as exasperatingly asking his big sister for the third time to put her dishes in the sink and all while he busily piled every towel into the bath and just hopped in. Why wait?

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    Happens to me far too regularly also! For today's photo I was choosing between this one and a photo of a whole (large) box of nutri-grain emptied over the kitchen table and floor and then stomped and ground in as much as possible!!

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    ohh, ohhh! we have alot of ohh, ohh moments.<br />you gotta laugh though, that&#39;s why man invented washing machines.<br />I hope your day tomorrow is an uneventful one.<br />♥

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    Oh dear. They absolutely take advantage of a moment of distraction and not much can be accomplished without a few of those per day. At least they look like they are mostly blue towels in the blue water (or at least they used to be) – glad it was you not me!!

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