On Saturday our little Bear turned 3 years old. Although he is now adamant that he does not want to be 3 and still wants to be 2 thank you very much!

The party went fantastically well.
Here are a few (well, more than a few) photos of the day….
Please excuse while I completely over indulge…..

Some food pics….
Flowers (which I think are canola?) were sneakily picked growing along the side of the road!

The cake…

The decorations…

The fun extras…

The entertainment…
My Dad (whose own farm started Bear’s love of all things farm) organised an amazingly generous gift of a real live animal farm in our front yard! I’m not normally someone who likes to pay people for children’s entertainment – in fact I’m a little against it, but, why look a gift horse in the mouth (excuse the pun!) when the kids will absolutely love it!! It just made the party!

It also meant that apart from a little game of pin the tail on the cow, the application of some ‘farm animal’ tattoos and the blowing of some bubbles, I didn’t have to organise any other activities!

Huge thanks to my talented sister Clare for creating the cow and applying lots of tattoos (among many other things on the day!)

To top it all off, there was even a very special Daddy & daughter fiddle duet!
A new song her violin teacher had taught her just 3 days prior had quite the ‘hoedown’ feel, so Goose & her Dad gave us all a fantastic little toe-tapping concert, along with a solo of ‘Happy Birthday’.  Brought tears to her proud Dad’s eyes :)

Most important thing of all was that the little (now “big”) birthday boy had fun!

And of course, for this ‘party Mum’, so did I!

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P.S. For those who are interested, the cake inspiration came from here…
P.P.S. For more farm party prep. ideas see here.

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  1. says

    that is absolutely amazing, I love it! the kids would have loved it too, so great<br />hope you are having a well deserved rest today, the cake is amazing

  2. says

    Oh I love it! you did such a fantastic job. My favourites would have to be the cupcakes and your cow hats. I think all that effort is completely worth a messy house when you see the forgeous faces on your little people.

  3. says

    wowee! you did an amazing job. I love everything about it… so cute about the fiddle duet, love the table set up… i could go on and on. what a birthday party!!

  4. says

    how amazing Emma!!! you are like a kid in a lolly shop when it comes to the party world.<br />love your passion for it all &amp; I bet you need a well deserved break today.<br />awww, the animals, very cool pressie, I agree with the paying for kids entertainment too.<br />well done, hope you have a quiet day today.<br />♥<br />p.s daddy daughter moment…priceless ♥

  5. says

    You&#39;re just awesome Emma!! I enjoyed looking at all the pics of the party day. Well done on another great job. Bet the kids crashed and burned at the end of the day.

  6. says

    I am so impressed – and thinking I should suggest a few of your lovely ideas to a friend having a farm party for her twin girls…<br />Am in awe of your commitment over months to pull it all together (and it&#39;s sweet that little Bear wants to be 2 – our girl now says that she&#39;s 3, but &quot;nearly 2&quot;…

  7. says

    Emma, It all looks like so much fun!!! the animals are so sweet and the food looks amazing. Well done – it&#39;s so much fun to create for little people…and your daughter playing the fiddle with her daddy is very precious and special. Have a beautiful week.

  8. says

    WOWEE Emma!! This party is AMAZING! I am so impressed! I LOVE the decorations and attention to deatil, the cupcakes look fab, and wow, that fiddle duet! How special.<br />Trupets and horns blowing over here in your honour, as you are crowned the new Party Queen!<br />xx

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