At my house we got all excited about our re-stocked vege patch a few weeks ago, but sadly not all is going according to plan. I think Farmer Scarecrow says it all….. it has seen better days….

For the first year and half we had little trouble in our vege patch, a few aphids in the brocoli and a few chicken attacks, but on the whole I have been really impressed with how our plants have thrived and I have really enjoyed the process. This last few months though, I just haven’t had much luck with anything but my rhubarb and nastursiums. Pests are not so fun :0(

Within days of being planted something started eating the tops of the new little seedlings. We had dealt with the snails and slugs and I was sure that it was not them, the chickens have been kept well away, and no caterpillars could cause such destruction so quickly! So I was left to assume either possums or pigeons. On my mother-in-laws advice I have put some of that smelly seaweedy kelp fertilizer stuff on them. She swears that it deterred the possums at her house after they swiped a crop of broad beans at her house. I think it may just be doing the trick, as they are no worse and starting to regrow slowly, but I am also planning the annoying addition of some bird netting to protect my patch.

On the upside though, the blossoms on our stone fruit trees are starting to come out, our little herb garden outside the kitchen door is going strong (although perhaps in need of a prune) and my parsley seems to be reviving itself (after a little magic spray)! You’ll notice the ends are still all eaten but there are new leaves growing from the middle – all hope is not lost for my favourite and most used plants!

Play along with Lou & let us know what is happening at your house.

Or, if you have a vege garden, no matter how small or how well it is flourishing, why not join in with Bellgirl’sveg about’.

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    Curse those possums! I'm going through the same experience- my gardening activities at the moment consist of watching things get eaten. I'll try the smelly seaweed stuff on the broccoli, thanks for the tip! I've also put an old birdcage over the top, but if it survives it will outgrow the cage soon.

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    Naughty possums, I hope you out smart them!<br />I just love children&#39;s writing – it is so cute and innocent :)<br />I have parsley growing in my back garden all over the place, it keeps popping up everywhere, almost like a weed. But I would be lost without it.

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    Possums drive me crazy. Lucky my dogs keep them away. I don;t have much of a vege garden (because of my dogs), but when we have done…it&#39;s never been overly successful.

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    It&#39;s so frustrating after all the hard work! You definitely need to get that netting up to stop the crazy pigeons. Hopefully that will be the answer. I&#39;m loving the herbs that mum planted here. Hopefully they will survive. <br /><br />Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.

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