We’ve got back in to our neglected garden over the past few weeks. The vege garden was getting a little bare & was in desperate need of some new plants.
I am VERY new to the whole gardening thing, but I am really enjoying the process. Particularly as it is something the kids can be involved in too.

An eager budding gardener was very happy to help out. They have a gardening club at school every Friday which she really enjoys (when she remembers it is on!). We planted a beetroot seedling that she had planted from seed at school which she was very proud of. I love her enthusiasm.

Now we just need to keep those pests away! I find this to be the toughest part of gardening.
I’m getting a little more experimental & bold now and we’ve attempted a little bit of ‘companion planting’ this time.

On the advice of ‘Dirt Girl’ we have put broken egg shells around all of the new plants to stop the slugs and snails from eating them.

On the advice of the lady from the nursery, we have put halved egg shells, white side up, on some of the plants to deter the white cabbage moth which apparently sees it and thinks another moth is already there. I hope it works because something has completely destroyed my once thriving parsley plants :0(

We’ve been working hard with our compost heap, which we were lucky enough to inherit when we purchased the house. There are hundreds of fantastic worms that the kids love feeding to the chooks and watching them wriggle in their fingers.

As a fun way to get rid of a whole heap of pruned branches we pulled out our fire drum, had a bon fire & toasted some marshmallows, while sitting on some straw bales we collected that afternoon (handy for farm parties, gardens & chooks). It seems so unusual for us to have time just to spend at home on the weekends that this was a rare and special treat for us.

So that I can join in with Bell Girl, check out my side bar later in the day for what veges we now have in our garden. Fingers crossed that they all survive. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

Pop over to Buttons by Lou Lou & let us know what’s been happening at your house!

P.S. If you are interested in gardening with the kidlets, I really enjoy reading Zippy Zippy’s blog.
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  1. says

    Ooh yum! when this image of delicious veg popped up on my sidebar I zoomed straight over! That's a good tip from Dirt Girl- does she have any suggestions about possums? ;)

  2. says

    What a great weekend! Go the garden! (Go the pests… away!)<br /><br />I mentioned you on my blog today… the &#39;Wordless Wednesday&#39; post you did last week inspired some word verification magic. Cryptic…

  3. says

    I&#39;ve had the same problem in my garden with those moths – they lay their eggs and then their caterpillars proceed to eat absolutely everything. But I&#39;m convinced this is seasonal because some years we&#39;ve had a rippa crop and other years they&#39;ve been infested. Bourke from Bourke&#39;s backyard also recommends the broken egg shells. He has a really good organic gardening book.

  4. says

    Cabbage moth will love the parsley:( I found that if I boiled up a bunch of garlic and strained it – let it cool and then put it into a spray bottle and spray like mad it helped a little – BUT I did end up having to get the big guns out and get something from the Nursery last yer.<br /><br />Another good one to remember for keeping bugs of the slimmy variety away – pour your left over plunger

  5. says

    right! you&#39;ve made me want to get stuck in our awfully overgrown veggie patches… one still has silver beet from the summer crop!! i&#39;ve got photos of the kids making garden &#39;soup&#39; from the weeds and silver beet. your garden looks lovely and so does your happy little helper :)

  6. says

    Yay for dirt girl! Very impressed that her advice matches the advice from the lady at the nursery and Bourke&#39;s backyard! Hope the egg shells do wonders. You probably have a few of those from when your kids (and mine) try to carry in the eggs from the chickens :) <br /><br />Look forward to seeing lots of things in the garden. We have a few new herbs thanks to Granny on friday. <br /><br />

  7. JustJanie says

    Loving watching the garden and gardeners grow! And the bonfire sounds fantastic. Nice daddy was home to enjoy – makes so much difference

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