As promised, this weeks’ easy peasy dinner winner is from my beloved ‘Nursing Mothers Cookbook’ circa. 1975.

The subtitle says it all – Recipes for Busy Mothers.

My copy was a gift from my mother when I left the nest at the tender age of 18. I have spoken to many others who were gifted the same book for a similar departure. The recipes that I use are easy for me to find as they are covered in the splatters and spills of regular usage.

This weeks’ recipe is a little like Lou’s delicious salmon in foil recipe that she linked in a couple of weeks ago.

500g rump or oyster blade steak
1 packet brown onion sauce mix
1 tablespoon each chopped onion & green pepper
125g mushrooms, chopped
salt & pepper

Grease foil with butter. Sprinkle half the mix over. Place the steaks on foil. Chop green pepper & onion & put on top. Add mushrooms & rest of sauce mix. Put dob of butter on each steak. Sprinkle with pepper & salt. Fold up into parcel & cook in moderate oven for approx. 40 mins.

The recipe must have been adapted by my mother as her recipe was even more simple:

some oyster blade steaks
cover with a couple of tbspns of ‘mushrooms in butter sauce’ (see photo)
sprinkle with some brown onion sauce mix &
1 onion, diced.

Wrap in foil.

Bake at 180C for approx. 40 mins.

I wrap each steak in it’s own individual parcel, but you could do them all in one.
Meat comes out beautifully tender (if not overcooked) and is great served with mashed potatoes & vegies.
I found a similar recipe in this funny, yet perfect book &
Mum’s version may just fit into the ever popular 4 ingredients cookbook too!

And just when you thought you’d seen the end of this ‘farm’ party…this book even comes in handy at party time!

Apart from being the source of the shortbreads and mini egg & bacon pies (that we’ve had at every party since I was born!)….

…for the first time I tried the classic and all time favourite ‘Simplicity Chocolate Cake’ from the same book!
My mother-in-law has used this recipe for every birthday in her family for the last 35 years!
True to it’s name – it is very simple.

As a side, and on the topic of easy….this year, after nabbing the idea from one of Goose’s friends birthdays, instead of using icing, I just whipped some cream with a little bit of castor sugar and a dash of green food colouring. Much quicker and easier to ‘frost’ and much easier to eat!

I have a ridiculous amount of reasons to bake this week. Both Goose’s school and our church are being polling booths for this weekend’s election and have asked for baked goods to sell at their obligatory cake stalls and sausage sizzles. A cake for a family function on the weekend and I also need to produce something celebratory for Bear’s birthday at playgroup and creche at ‘craft’ this week so I think this ‘simplicity chocolate cake’ recipe page may just get covered with the spills of regular usage also. I’ll post this simple recipe in a day or so when I get a chance, so stay tuned.

Anyway, off my little soap box.
No, I was not paid by NMAA to advertise their book.
(Or the Australian Breastfeeding Association as it is now known).
It’s just that it did seem to fit so well into the easy peasy theme ….
I’m sure some of you have a copy of this book – surely! If you don’t it is actually still in print (now that says a lot!) and you can buy it here. Or ask your Mum, she may just have one on the shelf that you can borrow.

Now it’s your turn!
Take a photo of your dinner tonight, or sometime this week & link your easy peasy recipe down below, so that we can all give it a go! Don’t forget to link back to here in your post so others can join in the fun and have access to some great new easy dinner recipes!
Alternatively, feel free to just link up an old post that you’ve written if it contains what we’re after! Thanks to all those who have posted in the last few weeks. Go and check them out if you haven’t – there are some real winners there!

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  1. says

    My mum had the Nursing Mother's Cookbook, and I hunted down my own copy on Ebay recently- it's my constant reference for simple things like lemon curd- I know they'll be in there. I must look into it more closely. I look up your other books too- I adore the farm cake, especially the chicken and the bunting!

  2. says

    Love the cake!<br /><br />My mum swears by the Nursing Mothers Cookbook and i ended up buying myself a copy when my daughter was born because it&#39;s so helpful! I might have to try the steak in foil – looks yummy (and easy).

  3. says

    I grew up on NMAA Cookbook recipes and my mum gave me a copy for my 21st birthday! I have recently been using it heaps. There are some fantastic and simple tuna recipes. I&#39;ll put one on soon. Thanks to you, I made a Banana Simplicity Cake last night for dessert. Threw in some Wheat Germ (as you do) and it went down a treat!

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