MY CREATIVE SPACE – {a farm party evolves}

My ‘crafting’ opportunities used to be few & far between, but now I am scheduling them in!
This week, all crafting has been geared toward a little farm party soiree which is looming. That way, all of those unnecessary (but oh so fun) touches to the party can actually be achieved!

At my monthly craft night earlier this week I decorated some water bottles. This is an idea that I got online that I love as the hope is that it encourages a more healthy party beverage option. I’ve found it actually works too!
(Mind you, I also couldn’t resist the little UHT chocolate milks with a cute picture of a cow on it found at the local supermarket.)

I searched and searched for some gorgeous party printables (I do so love those!) but couldn’t find any that fitted exactly what I was after, so in the end I found some gingham printable paper & using my 2 inch circle cutter (ebay purchase from the US) cut out some images from my favorite little golden book.

To lessen wastage, I like to name the water bottles. So, heading off to my favorite site for free fonts (you’ve got to check it out!) I found one I liked from their multitude of ‘western’ fonts.
I’ll also use the font on the party favours – stay tuned for some pictures when complete – I’m pretty excited about them!

Every Friday I am lucky enough to attend a craft group run at my mother-in-laws church. She helps run the creche, so the kiddies hang out with her while I get a couple of hours of kid free craft time with a lovely group of ladies. Last week, I attempted to make some of those tissue paper pom poms. Quite frankly though, they were absolute disasters (I swear I remember making them in primary school!) and I think we’ll just have to forgo that one……
They really are easy, so I’m not sure what went wrong….
If you’d like to give them a go there is a really very easy tutorial here.

For more farm party posts stay tuned! There is a LOT more to come from this party obsessed Mum!
For more creative spaces head over to Kirsty’s.

P.S. If you are thinking of doing your own farm party – I have actually just today discovered these gorgeous printables that would have been perfect! I am quite proud that I had a go myself though….

P.P.S. There is still time to link in with the inaugural linky for my regular easy peasy dinner winners!
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  1. says

    Looks amazing!! I love that you love those details!! You are a true party mama!!<br />Oooh all that gingham. Lurve it.<br />And oh my, your wordless wednesday!!! Eek!

  2. says

    Brilliant, I love the water bottle concept… Kids love packaging don&#39;t they!! I might try this with a party I need to plan next month which will have an Aussie theme. A few kangaroos and koalas perhaps. Good luck with all the arrangements.<br /><br />Have fun x

  3. says

    WOW. What a great idea! The bottles look great.<br /><br />I have always admired those giant tissue pom-poms, and wondered if they&#39;d be tricky to make. You&#39;ve answered my question ;)

  4. says

    Now this is a truly great idea that I am going to have to steal for our next party. Really great job!!!! This party you are hosting is going to be the mosting!

  5. says

    OH Em – you are such a crafter!! These party preps look amazing and I love that you invented your own printables!! Go mumma!! I&#39;m in the mist of party planning myself and whilst there is no set theme, i think a carnival/circus theme is emerging – i tried to make those paper pom poms (tutorial by Ms Martha Stewart) and I too thought they would be a sinch, but ended up ripped half and gave

  6. says

    What a brilliant idea with the water bottles! ANything better than loopy kidlets high as kites on red cordial! Everything looks like it&#39;s coming along wonderfully! Wishing you a gorgeous weekend :)

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