MY CREATIVE SPACE – {more farm party prep}

One of my favourite ways to express my creativity is in the form of a party. Kids parties even more so!

Yesterday the almost birthday boy and I made some cute little shortbreads using some cookie cutters we nabbed from the playdough box. (Yes, I washed them first).

I love using this recipe for shaped biscuits because it always keeps it shape perfectly after cooking. Very yummy when iced also.

Adapted from my well-loved 1975 ‘Nursing Mother’s Cookbook’


375g plain flour
60g cornflour or rice flour
250g butter
125g castor sugar
1/2 tspn salt

Rub butter into flour. Add all other ingredients. Knead for 5 minutes. A full 5 minutes people – this is the KEY! It will look all dry when you first put ingredients together, but after kneading it is beautiful and soft and ready to roll.
Roll onto lightly floured surface and cut into shapes. Put on baking paper on tray. Bake for about 30 mins at 180C, reducing to 150C after 5 mins.

I had been very excited to find some straw cowboy hats for $2 each that would have been the perfect take home pressie (along with a bag of ‘chicken feet’ lollies that I found on line). Unfortunately after being on order for 3 weeks, the hats did not come in. :(

The chicken feet came though! You can get some here.

As replacement party hats
(which to be honest, lots of kids don’t wear anyway!)
I whipped up some of these cows last night.

To make your own go here.

For more creative spaces go here.

Come back on Monday for some farm party pics!

…and on Tuesday for an easy peasy dinner winner from my trusty NMAA cookbook!

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  1. says

    Wow – you've been busy. Love how you 'just whipped up' those cow hats. Amazing. Love the chicken feet. Great tip with the play dough cutters – the biscuits look great.

  2. says

    Looks great, your parties must rock! Chicken feet creep me out a bit though ha ha I've been meaning to join in on the Easy Peasy Dinner Winners, but unless you rename it "Totally Embarassing Basic Food" I can't!

  3. says

    Lots of creativity happening at your house, it looks great! I love the cow hats they're really cute. The party preparations are really coming together! I hope you all have a great time at the party.:)

  4. says

    They are fantastic hats and we'll be making those bikkies today! I'm sure the party will be wonderful – can't wait to see the pics. And happy 'giving birth day' to you too!

  5. says

    yay!! nearly 3. I agree with Anna, happy giving birth day to you to Emma!<br />those hats are soo very cute, I think I prefer them to the straw.<br />have fun on Saturday, hope you get a moment to breathe aswell.<br />happy creating<br />♥

  6. says

    oh wow your party prep is coming along in full steam!! I love those lollies and cow hats – just adorable!! So lovely fulfilling your creative need with the kiddies!! Happy Birthday to your son ;-)

  7. says

    I do love the creativity that goes along with party prep and am very excited that our family&#39;s party season is about to start. LOVE the chicken feet.

  8. says

    your party prep looks fantastic. i&#39;m sure it will be fun. the cow hats are amazing. however since i have a slight chicken feet phobia they did make me feel a bit queasy. i&#39;m sure the kids wont react the same way though

  9. says

    So many lovely things to look at…i love the chicken feet and the cute little hands on the rolling pin. we will be baking tomorrow for our party on Sunday and I have to say I am really excited. Have fun Emma.

  10. says

    Oh how did it go, how did it go? I am so excited for your adorable little fella. He&#39;s had the best ever party this weekend. Can&#39;t wait to see the pics!

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