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    Oh no. To make you feel better, this scene is familiar to me too! With nutrigrain also. I find it everywhere. It is amazing the places it can hide. And the baby always finds the bits I miss, when it is days old, covered in dust and fluff, and eats it. Yuck.<br />Did they help with the clean up?

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    My kitchen mirrored in this photo,but with cheerios instead. Yes am lucky have canines to quickly suck them all up. Both dogs now sit and wait under the high chair and our son now finds it funny to throw food down to them. Grrr. Don&#39;t know how it wold be with 3 hungry human mouths well done. thanks jill

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    Oh my! Sadly, my house looks like that a lot =o)<br /><br />Thanks for stopping by!<br /><br />

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