At my house we have a house full of sickies. Well, myself and the youngest two. The Dad’s been so busy at work he hasn’t had time to catch it and Goose has gone to Granny’s for a few days, so those that remain are doing the absolute bare minimum!

The dolls clothes that Grandma lovingly sewed many years ago for their big sister have been discovered with much excitement and have been the hit for the day.

So good to see them actually in use – Goose was not much of a doll girl.

When things are handmade, you know the effort and love put into making them and it makes you appreciate the items so much more.

One of my favorite toys of the kids is this vintage dolls pram. It belonged to my husband when he was a boy….. he came from a family of all boys….. no gender stereotyping there!
The only thing I ever heard of them using it for though was for giving each other rides up and down the hall way ….

Play along over at Lou’s this week
& don’t forget to take a photo of those easy peasy dinners and play along here tomorrow….

P.S. If only they were old enough to put the clothes on and off all by themselves!! In your experience, does the age of doll playing ever coincide with the ability to actually dress them themselves or are they generally over it by that age?
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    Very cute. Our doll only has one set of clothes I think and mostly it is naked. It does get its nappy changed quite a bit and walked around in a pram a lot. <br />Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.

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    hey hope you guys improve REAL soon…..we have similar going on here but Shaun has gone <br />&amp; popped into hospital now with kidney stones so he is far far away from our lurgies!!!! I am trying to be all things to ALL FAMILY, its not working too well though!!! Keep smiling &amp; embrace the dressing ups – even if it is dolls AND THE KIDS!!!

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    I love watching little ones playing with their dolls and that pram is just gorgeous. They do soon learn to dress up the dolls without as much help when they get a bit older and still have lots of fun with them. My little one still loves to dress up dolls and now the puppy! Have a wonderful week Emma. I hope everyone is well soon.xo

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    Hope you all get well soon.<br />Oh I remember knitting the some pattern as the white dress/jumper.<br />Yes I know a little girl who loves to still play with her dolls and she is 9. so old enough to do the dressing.

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