I think of witty, intelligent and profound blog posts all day,
mostly on motherhood
(that’s where it’s at for me at the moment)
but at the moment I just feel my mind is absolute mush and when I get to the evening and sit down to the computer, these thoughts just fly out of my head.

I felt a little better when I read this post and reminded myself that sleep deprivation does play a very strong part in this. Not sure if I remember the last time I had a full night’s sleep…..


With a husband doing over a hundred hours a week at the moment with not one whole day off in 6 weeks (including weekends) and the same for the next two weeks, I have been feeling the pinch……He’s not the only one in need of a day off…..

Some days I feel like I’m drowning and other days I feel like I am managing to keep that chin above the water.

While I am trying to defuzz my brain, I enjoy reading others blogs, like Maxabella, and Loose Change and many, many more who manage to put coherent thoughts together (even with small children) in quite profound ways and help me get my own nuerons back in action.

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    I totally agree. My husband is away again and I get to the point that I just want to go to sleep at night, but I need some time on the computer that I&#39;m not being TOUCHED by small children. I feel like I&#39;m drowning. And all day I&#39;m compiling witty and insightful blog posts that will probably never be written.<br /><br />So I hear you sista!

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