Not a lot of time for extra creativeness at our house at the moment. I’m struggling. But as the need to be creative is not an optional extra in my book – I need it for survival – it just comes out and pops up in the most ordinary of places. I add a splash of color into my life in whatever way I can….

By color coding the washing…. pinks all together (with pink pegs), blues all together (with blue pegs)… you get the picture. *

By popping a splash of color into the bath every night …

everyone keeps their food dye in the bathroom ….. don’t they? **

These may just be the scenes from the house of someone in desperate need of a break and a bit of me time…..

I like to dream of being slightly more creative again over at kootoyoo

and play along (belatedly) with ‘at my house’…….

if only there was more time……

but, this too shall pass……

and I’ll be knitting, sewing, gluing and cutting and getting those creative juices flowing again one day soon…….. it may well be in a few years, but as my Mum says, those kids won’t be at home forever….

So while they are here at home with me, taking up every spare second of my day (and some of the night….) I’ll pop in whatever bit of creativeness we can manage.

*You’ll note there is actually a matching pair of socks there! And you may also notice a green peg instead of a pink one…… oops.
** While we’re there – does anyone know how to get bath scum off bath toys – those letters in particular?
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    Oh no, poor you Emma. I just couldn't imagine not being able to cut, sew, glue etc etc. But as you say you are managing a little creativeness there, and creating quality time and thoughts for your children. :) Very clever idea with the coloured water for the bath though. Bet the kidlets love it, and these times will be the "things" that stand out in their minds in years to come.

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    Lovely every day creativeness. We are still having coloured baths at our house as well. I sometimes wonder what people think of the food colouring in the bathroom (on the window sill above the toilet). <br /><br />Thanks for joining in with &#39;at my house&#39; again this week. Lou.

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    I adore your attitude… you just have to grab the creative opportunities when you can. I also empathise with you – I have two little ones – but in an effort to take care of myself I always make sure that I schedule some &#39;me&#39; time where I am free to do something creative. Sometimes this isn&#39;t a lot of time – but even if it is just one hour in the week it enables me to recharge my

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    I told myself the EXACT same thing today as I put my knitting down for the umpteenth time to take care of the little one. I do not mind at all that it takes me forever to do something crafty because I know the interruptions will one day be gone and I will miss it so much. Fabulous post! And I never thought of dye in the tub. Need to do this :)

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    &quot;These may just be the scenes from the house of someone in desperate need of a break and a bit of me time…..&quot; <br /><br />I feel your pain Em. Yesterday I &#39;accidentally&#39; spent too much money at the new Preston Spotlight with the girls stocking up the kids craft box with pom poms, stickers, air-dry clay, ribbon, wool, googly eyes,etc …. apart from TV, craft is the one thing

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    This all looks very creative to me – but I know what you mean. On good days I think motherhood is all about creativeness. The rest of the time it is about coping (and sometimes that&#39;s the most creative thing you can do!) <br />P.S Have you tried white vinegar for the bath toys? Works with most pesky scum at our place…

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    definite creativeness going on at your place, just not your conventional type.<br />I hear you about the me time, I don&#39;t get any either and I do justify it that they will not need me for too long so I have to enjoy time spent with them.<br />enjoy it!<br />I would go for vinegar too, but if you feel like some chemicals..then bleach will definitely do it. Just make sure they are rinsed VERY

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    Yay, we are another coloured bath family.<br />Its odd, I don&#39;t like my kids eating the stuff but for some reason I don&#39;t mind them bathing in it.<br />I hope you get a bit of you time soon.

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    I loved bathtime, it was like a babysitter as they&#39;d spend so long in there. I love colour but felt a bit OCD with colour coding my pegs so my husband made me change to all wooden pegs as it drove him nuts watching me (yes watching, i loathe anyone hanging out my washing, even the people i&#39;m washing for!!) At least you&#39;re being creative with the children!! Love Posie

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    Glad I am not the only crazy one that matches the peg colours! Great idea with the food colouring in the bath! I just soak our bath toys in bleach?<br />Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great weekend xx

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