MY {daughter’s) CREATIVE SPACE

Goose spends a few days every school holidays with Granny for some pampering and one on one time.
(that unfortunately rarely happens at home with two demanding younger siblings).

They do lots and lots of fun things together, but one of their favourite things to do each time is a bit of crafting. A bit of cross generational handing down of the lost arts.

Last school holidays, you may remember, Goose made this lovely headband (above), all by herself on the sewing machine “with just a tiny bit of help from Granny”.

In other holiday adventures they have also made
- “with just a tiny bit of help from Granny” –
this gorgeous red cherry skirt
(note the specially made buttonsbyloulou headband to match).

and these fun rice bags –
just like the ones Granny made us when we were kids.
(You’ll like those Brenda)

And these holidays…
they knitted!

She really loves it.
She keeps the knitting bag at Granny’s to save it from younger siblings stealing and destroying
(and quite frankly Mum just doesn’t seem to find the time to help her).
“in, round, under, off… in, round, under, off…”
(she sang repetitively while I showed her the photos Granny took of her)

So, I may not be doing a lot of crafting myself at this particular juncture in my life, but I am very glad that my clever Goose is not missing out. Thanks Granny!

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  1. says

    For starters, your daughter is beautiful. And what a lucky girl she is to have grandma around to do such fun stuff with, one on one. I'm sure grandma enjoys it just as much too. And mum, don't ever feel guilty about not being able to spread yourself around as much as you want. This is exactly the stuff grandmas are around for, isn't it! I never take for granted that I also have

  2. says

    hooooooraaaaay for Lucy!!! I love all her crafting adventures!!! And I have beanbag envy….wow look at that stack – i love them!!! I hope your crafting mojo returns soon…happy days to you Em xx

  3. says

    grannies are the bestest…especially when they are so creative……love your daughter's crafting adventures!!! especially the cherry skirt & rice bags!!

  4. says

    I remember first seeing those rice bags at Lou&#39;s and thought they were great. definitely need to try them.<br />Little Miss is doing great with her knitting, yay! well done to her for wanting to learn.<br />you&#39;ll get the time to craft with her, because I know that you are VERY creative, just wait til the little ones are a little bigger and less dependant on you.<br />have a good week Em<

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