Thought I’d play along with Maxabella today.
I do see blogging as a form of therapy and I thought it would be a good thing to weekly remind myself of the positives from the week past. There are more than a few negatives at the moment and I’m finding it easy to feel a little bogged down, but I would rather be a ‘glass half full’ kind of person and, as Maxabella says
it’s nice to pause to appreciate the things in your life that are positive and affirming, whatever they may be’.

This week, just when I felt I could barely keep putting those feet one in front of the other, a little ‘gift’ of time or sanity dropped down from heaven.

I am so very grateful for so very much this week…

- that earlier in the week (after I’d been up for 2.5 hours one night with a child who just would not stop crying no matter what we did and another an hour later who was vomiting from too much coughing) that our neighbours just popped in and took all the kids to the park for over an hour and then stayed and kept them entertained and saved the sanity of one exhausted mama.

- that the next night (after falling asleep with one of the kids at 7.30pm and dragging myself to my own bed when my husband got home at 9.30pm) that every single child slept through the whole night! (I’m not sure that I can remember the last time that happened!) The fact that when their father left for work at 5.30am I couldn’t get back to sleep is irrelevant.
- that yesterday when I ran into the back of someone (in my car, first accident I’ve ever had! and I burst into tears because of my current frazzled state) she was completely understanding and even gave me a hug – I ran into the back of her and she gave me a hug! Then I was even more grateful for my MIL who came over for the afternoon, in the middle of her own very busy life, to do my ironing, fold my mountain of washing and entertain my kids.

- that when I woke up last night (at 3am with an excruciating ear ache and eventually woke him up at 5am) that my husband had all the gear and expertise to work out the problem, painfully flush my ear from my usual build up of wax and give me drugs to ease the pain and antibiotics to cure the problem without having to get out of my pj’s or wake the kids.

- that this morning (when I spent most of the time vomiting from the pain of a middle ear infection) that it happened to be a Saturday and he could take the eldest 2 to work with him for a few hours so I could lay on the couch. An unexpected phone call from a lovely friend didn’t go astray either.

- that when we missed out on a free dinner at Grossi Florentino’s tonight (because I wasn’t well enough) my husband was very understanding and we ended up having a great chat about life and where it’s going and how on earth we are going to continue coping for the rest of this year with his ‘out of this world’ current work hours. He’s more than a good catch that one (despite those pesky work hours).

- I couldn’t end this post without letting my mother and sisters know how very much I am grateful for their help and support in this time where I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

Sorry for long post, but I just had to get that out there. No point having you all think my life is all about baking and gardening or something…. heaven forbid!

Thanks also Maxabella for the lovely ‘cherry on top’ blog award that you passed on to me weeks ago – I am flattered and honored and might just not get around to passing it on, but I know you won’t mind. If you haven’t read her blog – you must, it is one of my absolute favourites!

P.S. I ‘m also grateful for flowers that just pop up in your garden without you having to do a thing and fruit dropped off by more gorgeous neighbours. Sometimes it’s these little things that give you that lift that you needed….even if your table is in need of a sand & polish.
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    you definitely need a few hugs there Emma! what a week.<br />hope you are feeling better soon and hope this week is an uneventful one for you.<br />things will come together and the kids will sleep all night and you&#39;ll get up thinking that somethings wrong (i know!)<br />hugs <br />♥

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    What a post! I love that you seem to be surrounded by people worth being grateful for…And what a story about your hug from the women you drove into…You have reminded me of the goodness in people…Thank you x

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    Oh WOW!!! you sure have had a busy time and you not being well either Not good at all. So pleased you have folk around to lend a hand sometimes. And your lady you ran into was so nice too.<br />Enjoyed reading your post and it is good to vent.<br />Hope your ear is better now.<br />Hugz<br />maria

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    What a week you&#39;ve had! The fact that you could pause to be grateful in the midst of all that shows what a grounded and sweet person you are, Emma. I also burst into tears the one time I had a &#39;bingle&#39; and the guy was so overwhelmed by a sobbing offender that he took my details and never got back to me.<br /><br />I&#39;m also grateful for the lovely thoughts you passed on about my

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    Thanks for your honesty Em. Wish we lived next door. <br /><br />Can I just say, your life this week and others is up there with the really tough. Not just normal mothering business. <br /><br />I am hoping your discussion with Husband included either a) a cleaner, b) a day of occassional child care, or c) a week long holiday in Bali with a friend!

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    Oh Emma, I can totally feel for your situation, but how lovely that amongst all of that, you could make some time to yourself and share those exquisite yellow tulips (my ultimate favourite ever flower!!) and see things in a different way! I hope this ray of sunshine we are having here in Melbourne is bringing a smile to your face. Thanks for your lovely comments the other day – some blogging

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    Oh dear, Emma. You&#39;ve had a shocker of a week. I feel for you and glad to hear that your support network kicked it up a notch to get you through it. Hope you have a speedy recovery and the week ahead is better.

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    Wow, what a week – it is fantastic you can still see the good in everything and appreciate the good you have.<br />It is lovely to hear you have such a supportive fan club.<br />Big hug from me, and I agree with The KitchenMaid – impressive you kept blogging!<br />Cat

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    I hope you are now feeling better. Sorry I haven&#39;t popped by in a few days. I have been a grump!<br /><br />You did very well with this post under the circumstances. I felt the love surrounding you, you lucky thing :)

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    Emma, I just wanted to encourage you to hang in there. I relate so much to what you say in your blog. You sound so much like me a few years ago. I had 3 under 3; now they are a little older 8, 6 and 6, it is much easier (at least on most days).

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