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    Oh, how I feel what that woman is feeling. Although make her barefoot and heavily pregnant with two young children hanging off her and it would be a bit closer. <br /><br />This post makes me laugh because I know so many of feel like this. Thanks for that. I needed a giggle tonight.

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    That was me too – three hours ago. Then the Mr arrived home early and he scored dinner prep while I got to hang out (with) the washing and talk to the world. Either I&#39;m a crazed nutter or it&#39;s just the small sanity moments I miss.

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    Argh. I sooo feel like this. I&#39;ve had a crappy week (hence the lack of participation in Easy Peasy this week). I dislike food right now and tired of cleaning…grrrr. On the up side, I&#39;ve done some sewing and completely satisfied with the fact that the top I made is probably the only thing I&#39;ll accomplish this week.

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