I’ve been having fun with the Hipstamatic iphone app*
… and enjoying the sunshine, daisies, picnics (and endless squabbles) with the family on a well-earned break.

As mentioned previously, the word ‘holiday’ is not necessarily a word that should be used when going away with three young children, but it is a welcome change nonetheless.

* you can play around with the lens, the film and the flash and get some cool vintage images or a ‘pop’ of color! Fun!

P.S. Technically these photos were not taken ‘at my house’ but I’m sure it’s still allowed. To play along visit Lou’s house.

P.P.S. There may just not be an Easy Peasy Dinner Winner here tomorrow as the easiest dinners of all will be happening here – meals cooked by someone else!!
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  1. says

    i love the daisies in your hair, i love that you are on holidays, i love that your husband is with you, i love that your gorgeous kids 'get' picnics…..enjoy this snippet of bliss my bloggy blog friend xx

  2. says

    Oh I love the Hipstomatic app too! Great isn't it? And I hear you on the meaning of 'holiday' with young children. More like 'extra work'!

  3. says

    Hope you&#39;re having a well deserved fab time Emma. You do actually look like you&#39;re straight out of the hippy era! :))<br />Bit relieved about the Easy Peasy too, coz my act didn&#39;t get into gear at all this week, even though I have the photos loaded! x

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