AT MY HOUSE… {stopping to smell the snails}

At my house I often find myself having tea parties and stopping to look at the small things when I should be doing a whole lot of other much more important things…..

… or should I?

I have a china tea set that was mine when I was a little girl. I have been saving it, still in it’s polystyrene packaging, for my children to be old enough to be extra careful with it. This weekend, while completely overhauling the children’s bedrooms with new bunk beds and the rearranging and finding of homes for a multitude of things, I took these down from the high shelf and as I did so, a plate dropped and smashed. After all these years of keeping it on a high shelf, away from the little ones, it was me, the extra careful adult, who broke it. I think there may just be a simple lesson in that…

I am constantly reminded of the things in my life that I really should be grateful for and to stop worrying about those unimportant things that I convince myself are important.

What lessons are you learning at your house?

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    I just loved your post. It brought a tear to my eye. Time goes so quickly. DO STOP and smell the snails and have tea in the wee china teaset (do not save things) as your babies will grow up soooooooooo fast. I am waiting for my first Great grandchild to be born soon. Where have the years gone.<br />Enjoy them!!!

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    i love these pictures…such fun! it&#39;s the little things that make us smile and remember…i think having little ones reminds us of that! x

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    Yes, something that needs constant reminding! So easy to get caught up in day to day &#39;jobs&#39; and forget the bigger picture and the things that will actually be remembered in the future. Great post. Lou.

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    When he was at college, my bloke was in a lecture by some famous sculptor guy. The sculptor had brought in a valuable piece of work as well as a reproduction. He left the valuable piece with him and passed around the reproduction for closer student viewing. When it was returned, he confessed that he had actually passed around the real, original work – something he would never do unless the

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    This is a great post. I love the photos. And yes, my children have taught me that lesson well. We grew up saving things. My sister and I both entered adulthood with full sets of barely used Derwent pencils, because we had to keep them for &#39;best&#39;. Well, as it happens, my children deserve the best, so my daughter uses them now. When they wear out, I&#39;ll just go and buy more. (Gasp!) :)

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    Love the snail! I have my Grandma&#39;s Noritake dinner set. I used to use it for everyday because I had no alternative. Then I was given my mum&#39;s 1970s set (which I love) and I use that instead. Gran&#39;s is in the cupboard. Brought out for special occasions. Of which, I now realise, there should be more!<br /><br />Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

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