“Spring has sprung, the grass has riz,
I wonder where the birdies is?”


We went for a walk yesterday and collected pine cones from the local golf course* – some to add to the nature collection we started at our friend’s holiday house, where we are currently staying, and some to make some of these….

Attach some twine to a pinecone, smear it in peanut butter** and roll it in some birdseed.

Hang it in a tree and wait for the birds.

So easy for kids (or adults***) to make.

* why are there always pine cones at golf courses?!
**or in this case a delicious peanut butter substitute made of sunflower seeds.
*** thanks MOPS!
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  1. says

    we had a whole avenue of pine trees at the back of our place when we were kids… we always made (slightly ugly) painted pine cones with glitter for christmas – I think the the bird feeders are a much better idea!

  2. says

    Wow these are fab! Such a great, simple idea. Thanks for sharing. =)<br /><br />PS<br />A little birdy told me it&#39;s your birthday!!! Happy birthday!!! Hope you have a fab day. =)

  3. says

    oooh, great idea. My girls love going to our park collecting pinecones and normally we only use them for our BBQ. I think Miss T will love this activity! Thanks!!!

  4. says

    See. This is why you are crafty and I am not. I wouldn&#39;t have ever thought to do this but I think it is a marvellous idea (and a great way to idle away a morning).<br /><br />Glad you found your link on my blog :)

  5. says

    Thanks for joining in with {kiddy art..} Emma!! Such a great idea!! <br /><br />We might have to create a few of these as my little man is a little obsessed with birds..

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