I love it when kids are involved in the build-up and excitement of getting ready for a party and you know how I love a good mess….

We have been making birthday invitations for a little dress-up party we are having in a few weeks time…

A birthday party for a little frog who is turning 2 and likes nothing more than to carry handbags around all day and rummage through her Mum’s shoe cupboard.
Her first word was ‘shoe’ and I think that says it all!

We also discovered that rolling our hands, and the glittery table, with some playdough worked an absolute treat for cleaning up! Although there will be glitter all over the house in some form or another for quite some time to come….*

More party inspiration in the weeks to come and
if you are interested in checking out my very first giveaway check out yesterday’s post.

Head over to Kootoyoo for hundreds of other creative spaces.

* While we are speaking of party inspiration, sparkly play dough works really well as party favors for an underwater or mermaid themed party.
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    The party might be but one day but glitter lasts forever!! Just check your husband, i assure you he'll head to work for the next month with glitter on his face, it's impossible to get rid of!! My husband suffers, quite a nice addition to an Army uniform, love Posie

  2. says

    don't you just love glitter!! yes, you'll be finding it all over everything for the next little while, but surely it was worth it for those fantastic glitter shoe invites. love them!

  3. says

    p.s. janes artwork is great! very clever indeed. (wont enter as I'll feel greedy after already winning my cool yellow package from you!) but I love her work so please pass it on to her.

  4. says

    Hi Mange – couldn't reply to your request as you don't have email enabled, but I actually got the stamp about 5 years ago in a big mixed bag of stamps I got from ebay – sorry couldn't be more specific! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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