This Saturday I’m so very, very grateful for my very talented and very generous little sister who did some fun drawings of a frog, a goose and a bear and made them into a blog header for me. It’s only taken me six months of blogging to finally have a proper header!!

She also drew me my very own picture for my regular EASY PEASY DINNER WINNER linky, so if you link in on the occasional Tuesday, feel free to add this picture to your sidebar and link it back here.

I’m quite excited about the new look and I’m very grateful for her time as I know it is precious.
Thank you Clare!!!

I’m also grateful for my sister Lou and my husband for taking 5 kids out for baby cinos in the rain giving me some time to blog and for my wonderful mother for putting up with a house full of mad children for an extended weekend (while still trying to keep the house spotless for potential buyers…).

I’m grateful for all of the rain that is so needed here in Victoria, but I am also grateful that we decided to stay at Mum’s house and not go camping as originally planned!

I’d also like to add that I’m very grateful that one can still win a whole game of 5 handed 500 without ever actually winning a trick! All the glory, without necessarily having the skill ;)

What are you grateful for?

P.S. I’m so very grateful for the wonderful community of bloggers that I’ve come to know in the last 6 months, that I’m having a giveaway! Check out the details

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    You have a pretty amazing family. And there is nothing better than actually being grateful for it. Love the new logos. Your sister is very talented!

  2. says

    You look great. What a talented sister (both of yours sisters!!!)<br /><br />Thanks for linking your very lovely gratefuls up to mine. x<br /><br />PS- I just noticed that I have my own Label. My very own. I&#39;m so excited!!

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    your frog, goose and bear and just so cute! i did a double take when i first popped over here thinking i&#39;d made a mistake! I LOVE it and I also am a recipient of other people&#39;s talent for my blog header – which just so happens to be the host of this blog hop – the adorable Maxabella herself! what a very talented sis you have (two in fact!). And good choice NOT to go camping!!!

  4. says

    Header looks great! And thankyou for the Easy Peasy button, which I have put on my sidebar. I&#39;m always telling my friends about the Easy Peasy Dinner Winners, and now it will be easy peasy for them to find you!

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