A DIY DRESS-UP PARTY – {the actual dressing up}

And finally those promised photos….

This post may just end up in complete disownership of me from certain members of my family*

What can I say… it was a fun day and our dress up collection is full of hilarious outfits!

In my defense, and in the line of fairness, I have also included a shocker photo of myself.

And you are a brave, beautiful family for getting in on all the fun!

* If you are a member of my family reading this post and are mortified that these images are now on the www, please let me know (if you are still speaking to me) and I promise you that I will remove them quick as a flash!
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  1. says

    OMG, how on earth did I miss this post!? Thankfully I was doing a little &#39;what&#39;s in the back catalogue&#39; work on a couple of my fave blogs this evening and I didn&#39;t have to go so far to find the &#39;back&#39;, did I? I had been waiting and waiting and waiting for the dress ups post and then I missed it.<br /><br />It hasn&#39;t disappointed. I LOVE this party to bits. x

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