I think I would like to rename the ‘silly season’ the ‘insanity season’. My life is a little crazy and overwhelming at the best of times, but then add the coming of Christmas and it nearly sends me under. Obviously I have not had a lot of time to blog my friends, but I have been missing it so much that I had to make time to come and share just a few of the Christmas crafty things we’ve been doing over the last few weeks.
I really don’t have time to do be doing these things and even had a minor meltdown a couple of weeks ago almost deciding to have nothing handmade at Christmas including no advent calendar, but after sleeping on it I awoke realising that I just couldn’t do it. After all it’s these things that I remember holding most of the excitement of Christmas for me and I just couldn’t bear not doing just a few things with my own kids. Mind you – ultra easy versions of things that kids can join in on too. Sometimes you just need to make the time to do the things that you love to keep sane and these things in themselves can help rejuvenate you. Not to mention that when you are looking after kids, unfortunately folding clothes and washing dishes doesn’t always cut the mustard.

I’m a little behind with Christmas. I’m a little over reading others blogs hearing how they have finished their Christmas shopping. Me – nowhere near! But I’m sure I’ll get there eventually.
These Christmas cards, modelled by the gorgeous Frog, were last years idea that didn’t quite eventuate but this year, to make sure that they did happen, I organised a craft night at my house every Monday night in December (you are most welcome to join me) to make myself allow the time. A bit of fabric ironed on to card while chatting over a glass of wine – perfect.

My cards certainly aren’t perfect, but if you’d like to buy Christmas cards that are perfect and perfectly handmade, Melinda makes perfect fabric covered cards much better than the ones that I made. She even has 20% off her stock until Friday!

How are you going this Christmas – feeling the pressure or loving the ride?

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    Oh, Sweets! I am in the same boat. We were *meant* to start organising Christmas on the weekend now all the birthday parties are behind us. However, we ended up completely rearranging and cleaning out the pixies&#39; room instead. Sigh. <br /><br />I do, however, have an Advent calendar working and have bought the supplies to make our Christmas cards and clay tags for the tree and gifts. If I *

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    i love your cards Emma!<br />don&#39;t beat yourself up about it, really you are doing a wonderful job &amp; have 3 gorgeous creatures to look after aswell.<br />I haven&#39;t done a single christmassy thing yet, cut a tree yesterday &amp; it is still sitting in a bucket of water outside.<br />I&#39;d love to join you one night for crafting but as you say, this insanity season is just not helping

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    Cute little cards there!<br />I only just started to feel organised for Christmas last week- still have presents to buy and food to make though!<br />oh and I love your DIY dress up party! Brilliant :)

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    Just plod along Emma you will get things done and if not does it realy matter???<br />I am still making some gifts.I like to participate in FNSI and then get a few finishes then.<br />Enjoy your card making, relaxing with friends and a quiet drink too.

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    Trust me, as you get more experience with the children, parties, presents . . . you learn to pace yourself. I&#39;m rolling into Christmas, doing little bits each night, like teachers&#39; gifts, then orders, then a night off devoted to my husband. We have high school next year, so all sorts of new things on the horizon. Love Posie

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    They look fab! Welcome back to blog-land. I am with you – I have barely started the shopping. And I have Doo Dah, the Minx and Dew Drop&#39;s birthdays. I think they call it denial :)

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    Listen closely: <br /><br />Life has been nuts here. We bought the Christmas tree Saturday. It is still lounging about on our front verandah (i.e. in a horizontal position). We do have an advent stick going and the Mr has just festooned the house in twinkly lights BUT, BUT, I have NOT STARTED A WHIFF OF CHRISTMAS SHOPPING OR PREP OR NUFFIN&#39;.<br /><br />Feel better?

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    I stayed up very late to finish stockings that I desperately wanted to sew, and even though my eyes are falling out of my head, I can&#39;t tell you how happy I am that I did them. And that the kids love them. Worth every lost minute of sleep. Stuff the folding, enjoy yourself!

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    SO glad you&#39;re back! I have been visiting every now and then for weeks, wondering if you had fallen into the dressing up box or something! Your cards look amazing and I&#39;m sure everything will pan out. I haven&#39;t done any shopping yet either, or making, argh! The advent house is present-less and we haven&#39;t got a tree yet. But it will happen!

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