As we count down these last days until Christmas and as Santa seems to permeate more and more of the media and hype of Christmas and the original Christmas Story seems to get lost in the fog, I have been pondering about the meaning behind all of this craziness and feeling like I would have liked to have included it a little more in all of the crafty things & other activities that we’ve been doing over the past weeks.

I guess we did go to a Carols night and every day in our advent calendar* we are reading a little more of the first Christmas Story.

The other day I came across this adorable little story told by kids of the very first Christmas on Simoney’s blog. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me sharing it also. Watch it with your kids – it’s just adorable.

Do you have any traditions to help you remember the very first Christmas at your house? Seriously I’d like some ideas!

* Goose & I made this advent calendar a few years ago, back when I only had one child and seemed to have more time to put fun and creative (non-chocolate) things inside & time to actually follow through with the activities on a daily basis. Goose actually made most of the envelopes herself and she was only 3.5 yrs old at the time so it can’t be too hard and it has actually managed to stand the test of time so far. The idea (including a how-to) once again comes from my favorite – Kids Craft Weekly. She has some great and simple advent ideas, including some very creative ideas for what to put inside.

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    I love the advent calendar. We did the commercial thing this year and bought one for each of the kids from the shops! They love their hit of choc first thing in the morning (me, not so much!) Maybe next year I will make one?? <br /><br />I&#39;m not much into religion but I reckon sharing the story of Jesus&#39;s birth over the week leading into Christmas keeps that part of the festivities alive

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