Goose learns Japanese at school and really loves it. This year she has decided on a Japanese theme for her 7th birthday party. This week we’ve been making paper fans that double as party invitations.* So much easier having a party at the end of the school holidays as party prep becomes the perfect holiday activity!

We are now beginning to fold a thousand origami paper cranes. Well….maybe not quite a thousand, but since reading ‘Sadako & the thousand paper cranes‘ recently, Goose is keen…20 down, 980 to go! She even chose to continue making them after dinner tonight over her usual reading time – now that’s a big call! Surprisingly, Mr FGB (as he will henceforth be known) has become a little addicted. He is sitting in front of the TV as I type, folding the little birds and is quite proud of himself – and rightly so!

If you are interested in joining our new craze, there are very simple instructions here. If you do visit the link, you’ll also see what we plan to do with some of the cranes.

Stay tuned for more Japanese party prep over the coming weeks.

** The adorable little Japanese printables came from here.
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    Just gorgeous, Emma, especially the thought of Mr FGB (it will grow on you ☺) joining in so enthusiastically. And thanks for the Etsy tip – I expect we'll follow suit on PB once the pixies are a bit older. J x

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    oh you are just the most gorgeous mum…..what a delightful theme! My Max does Japanese at school too, its one of his better subjects!! He has trouble staying on task with school work!!! Either its a boy thing or its a Max thing!! Thinking of you especially at the moment, sending kind thoughts your way, TK xx

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    Hi Emma, I love paper cranes. I helped my sister (who is also Emma) fold 100s of them for her wedding. She had them hanging at the reception and it was amazing.

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    What a unique little girl you have there. I love Japanese design too, so I can totally relate. Japanese stuff just seems PERFECT for little girls, don't you think? A little cutesy for us at times, but that's the bits they love the most. You'll have such fun putting this one together. x

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    Hi Emma,<br />I&#39;ve just read through all your Japanese party posts – what fantastic details. My daughter has just started learning Japanese in kinder this year. It&#39;s so exciting (for me!) because I have a &#39;thing&#39; for the Japanese artisan aesthetic and I&#39;m longing to visit one day. I&#39;m planning on giving her a few years and then she can be our little translator! <br /><br /

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