1. Don’t stay up until well after midnight on the eve of departure because you can’t really sleep for long with three young children in the car.

2. Check out this site for some great activities and ideas to keep young kids amused during long car trips (thanks for the tip Lou) & this if you need some extra ammo in your arsinal. It actually helped make it a surprisingly pleasant trip – despite my quite serious fears otherwise.

3. On your way home, after an exhausting week at the beach in the rain with 14 people in the one house and little sleep, do not under any circumstances drive your car out onto the edge of a salt lake, even if that salt lake is pink. Your trip home may take longer than the short 9 hours originally anticipated. After more than a few hours I found my self wishing for whinging kids in the back seat of a moving car.

4. Dream about having another holiday, you know the one that you need to get over the one that you just had…

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    Love it, we don't do any gadgets or electronics on road trips, never have. I like my children to be able to hear me when i ask, not a teen with head phones, pretending they're not part of the family. My guys draw, colour in, write notes to each other, look at the window (shock horror) & mercifully don't ask us to play car games. They like the same music as us, they talk &

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    Oh No not bogged. What a pain. The pink lake in your phot looks like Pink Lake in Espeance W.A<br /><br />Are you planning another holiday soon??

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    Have you seen Tania&#39;s tips for car trips over at Myrtle and Eunice? It involved bribery but her retelling of the tale is wonderful – basically involved a bag of jelly snakes that flew out of the window everytime someone misbehaved – what was left in the bag at the end of the trip was shared between the kids!<br /><br />Glad you&#39;re home safe and sound now and being bogged would not have

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