On Wednesday we celebrated Goose’s 7th birthday in Japanese Style!

Please indulge, once again as I share too many details. I just know that when I am roaming the web for inspiration for my parties, I like as many details as possible. My name is Emma and I am addicted to kids parties.

Once again, I will break it into a few different posts.

Here are some quick snaps of the food. It was fun to branch out from our usual party fare and try some different things. I was a little nervous the kids wouldn’t eat much of it, but most of it disappeared. Thankfully not all of it though as I always like to make a little extra so that we can have leftovers for dinner that night!

Sushi platter – made by Mr FGB
Delicious rice paper rolls – made by Granny
Sushi sandwiches – made by Louhow to make your own here.
Rice crackers & dip
Mini spring rolls
Mini dim sims
Japanese coconut peanuts
Assorted Japanese rice snacks
Party pies with Australian flags on toothpicks – it was Australia Day after all!
Melon cherry blossoms
- ie.watermelon, honeydew melon & rockmelon cut in flower shapes with cookie cutter.

Birthday Cake – Cupcakes with Paper Cranes - tutorial here.
Watermelon & blueberries on Ceramic Asian Spoons
Japanese Dried Plums
Fortune Cookies**
Cherry Blossom biscuits
- using the favorite shortbread recipe of course.

Just because she is cute.

- The little flags on the toothpicks said Happy Birthday in Japanese and were free printables from here.
* Deliciously morish chocolate dipped biscuit sticks that can be purchased at Asian supermarkets or sushi bars.
** Purchased at Asian or regular Supermarket. I’ve seen these dipped in melted chocolate & covered in sprinkles and they look very cute. These were the most popular with the kids.

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  1. says

    ohh wow Emma! looks amazing!<br />I love details too, so thanks for sharing.<br />love all the little touches &amp; the little one..CUTE!<br /><br />Happy birthday to your gorgeous Miss ♥

  2. says

    Your sure know how to hold an amazing party in your family!<br />It all looks amazing, you are making my mouth water.<br />I never did get around to doing a tute about making nori rolls, I have the photos, just need some time. Your hubby sure made some yummy looking ones!<br />Oh, and Happy Birthday Goose!

  3. says

    LOVE this party ! And am LOVING your details and blogging them…I&#39;m in the thick of organising my mum&#39;s 60th…..so please keep the inspiration coming. Don&#39;t melt today in Melb, Dee x

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