Although I’m not necessarily into the whole Valentine’s Day hype – sometimes we celebrate it & sometimes we don’t – I do like the little reminder it gives to tell someone you care.

I couldn’t let this occasion slip by without passing on some cute and FREE printables that I found in blogland to add a little extra something to Valentine’s Day…. or any other day of the year that you feel like being a little corny… but corny with style ;)

Just click on the words below the images to find out more and to download. Both of the sites have other gorgeous free printables along the theme of ‘love’. Go searching here, here and here for a start. They are seriously stylish!

Alternatively this could be to your vintage taste…or maybe the fun e-card…or the funky fox & panda or this adorable little hearty collection.
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  1. says

    Oh! We don&#39;t celebrate Valentines Day….but I LOVE those coffee cup wrappers. Might have to make those for my partner, just because! <br />Have a great week, Dee x

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