To continue with my little obsession with origami paper, we used the scraps from Goose’s party to make some fun little peg magnets to stick on the fridge. They were super easy thanks to Aimee’s great tutorial and Goose and I loved making them! We even skipped the last half of the tutorial and made them without the modpodge as I liked the matte look better. There are now far too many on our fridge holding various artworks, lists and photos.

This year, just because I didn’t have enough to do (ha!) I am co-ordinating the “craft” activities at my MOPS* group. This morning we all made peg magnets and then attached them to some of my favorite printable lists**. I am a huge fan of making lists – couldn’t survive without them – and if I am going to be surrounded by them, I might as well make them pleasing to the eye, I say!

If you have any ideas for quick and easy craft ideas, please pass them this way.
If you’d like to see how others are being creative head over to Kootoyoo.

*MOPS – Mothers Of Pre Schoolers – a lovely nurturing group who meet once a fortnight at our church giving time out and bit of rejuvenation to worn out Mums like me!

** The printable notepaper pictured was purchased here. There are cute free ones here. Others we had at MOPS were this and this. I’m a little addicted to printable notepaper…
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    Cute little pegs, I made some a while ago, but I did not put magnets on them, I put some bakers twine along Heath wall and he hangs his drawings there with the colourful pegs.<br />Jacqueline

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